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Hydraulic excavator operation and matters needing attention

Hydraulic excavatoroperation and matters needing attentionare as follows: 1)obstacleclearingenvironmentsafety,the roadshould bestarted before theirrelevant personnelleaveexcavator,excavator,and then raise thebucket. 2)towork after the end o

Matters needing attention when replacing the hydraulic oil h

Hydraulic excavator generallyafter2000 hours of operationtoreplace the hydraulic oil,otherwise it willmake the systempollution,causing the hydraulic system failure.According to statistics,the faults of hydraulicsystemis about 90%because ofp

Analysis on the fault of hydraulic loader

The loader is a widely used inearthwork constructionmachineryof highway,railway,construction,utilities,ports,mines and other construction projects,it is mainly used toshovel of soil,sand,lime,coaland other bulk materials,can also be used as

Operation key points and matters needing attention of mixer

Also known as the mixing machine,mixer,with abladeshaftin the slotor cylinderrotation,all kinds ofraw materialsmixing,becomes amixture orthe appropriate viscositymachine.Due to somedifferentmixerin the operationand otherequipment,sonot all

Methods of maintenance and care roller mechanical transmissi

Engineering machineryis essentialfor field operation,climateconditions,geographicalenvironment,which will cause thework device and awalking mechanism ofserious wear and tear,whichput forward higher requirementson thelubricationof mechanical

Analysis of energy saving control development

1.Analysis of energy saving control development trend of hydraulic excavator efficiency,more importaIn thefield ofenergy saving controlof hydraulic excavator,theaim is not only toimprove fuelntis toobtaina series oflower costeffect.Data show