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Hydraulic excavator operation and matters needing attention

Hydraulic excavator operation and matters needing attention are as follows:

1) obstacle clearing environment safety, the road should be started before the irrelevant personnel leave excavator,excavator, and then raise the bucket.

2) to work after the end of the driver should first according to the speaker, then start operating excavator.

3) should first check the direction of crawler frame before walking stick, as far as possible for the excavator walk forward. If the drive wheel in the front, walking rod should be backward operation.

4) if walking stick in the low-speed range excavator started, the engine speed will rise suddenly, so that the driverwould have to be careful walking coli.

5) excavator backing should pay attention to after the car space, pay attention to grab back blind, if necessaryplease hand command to assist.

6) speed -- high speed or low speed can be selected by drivers walking hydraulic excavator. When the switch is in the "0" position, low speed, high torque excavator will walk; when started in the "1" position, the excavator walking speed according to the hydraulic walking circuits work pressure and automatically rise or fall. For example, excavatorwalking on the ground can choose high speed walking uphill; we can choose the low speed. If the engine speed control disc set in the engine speed (about 1400r/min) the following, even if the selection switch is in the "1" position,will continue to slow walking excavator.

7) excavator should be walking on the ground, and avoid the upper turntable automatically placed or manipulate the rotation.

8) excavator in adverse ground should avoid the rock broken walking motor and crawler frame. Mud and sand,stones into the track of normal walking crawler excavator and the service life of the.

9) excavator should ensure the track direction and ground conditions on the ramp when walking, so as far as possible to keep straight driving excavator; bucket from the 20-30cm, if the excavator slipping or unstable, should immediately put down the bucket; when the engine stalled on the ramp, should reduce the bucket to the ground, the control rod is placed in position, and then re start the engine.

10) avoid excavator wading walking, must be wading walking should first study state of ground water, and the wateris more than supporting wheels on the edge.