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Matters needing attention when replacing the hydraulic oil h

Hydraulic excavator generally after 2000 hours of operation to replace the hydraulic oil, otherwise it will make the system pollution, causing the hydraulic system failure. According to statistics, the faults of hydraulic system is about 90% because of pollution caused by. This paper introduces the process of hydraulic excavator replacement of hydraulic oil and the matters needing attention.
A hydraulic excavator, replacing the hydraulic oil preparation 1, familiar with the working principle, hydraulic systemoperation, repair and use requirements, do know the score, not blindly foolhardy. 2, according to the instructions on the provisions of the new oil for oil, new oil before using precipitation below 48h. 3, ready to remove the pipe joint forhydraulic system tools, oil filter for the computer, adding new oil filter. 4, prepare for cleaning liquid, brushes andwiping cloth etc.. 5, prepare Sheng oil oil at. 6, select the level, solid ground, ensure the machine in the bucket, armcompletely abduction conditions can be rotated without obstacles, boom lifting after completely do not touch any obstacle, the distance should be more than >2m away from the wire. 7, prepare 4 block sleepers, in order to block the track before and after. 8, workers at least 4 people, including: driver, on-site command each one person,working staff of 2 people.
The method and step two, replace the hydraulic oil hydraulic excavator
1, the arm toward the track direction are arranged in parallel, and at the stop turn left 45 ° position, so that thebucket cylinder rod is fully extended, the bucket rod cylinder fully retracted, slowly fall boom, the bucket on the ground, and then the engine flameout, open the tank vent valve, and pulling the operating handle pedal, several times, to release the weight of residual caused by pressure.
2, gasoline thoroughly clean the pipe joint, joint, pump and motor oil drain plug, oil tank top gas cap and bottomdrain plug in and around.
3, open the oil drain plug drain valve and the tank bottom, so that all the old oil into the oil tank in washington.
4, open the oil cover, remove oil filter, check the tank bottom and edge, corner of residual oil in the presence ofmetal powder or other impurities. Thoroughly clean the oil tank, the first diesel cleaning two times, then blow dry with compressed air tank. Examination of the inner corner of whether there are residual sludge, impurities and so on,until the clean up, and then rinse again new oil.
5, remove the following: ① tubing, split the next time the oil in the pipe, such as pipe main control valve to full flowfilter, oil filter, filter to the fuel tank, between the oil cooler tubing etc.. ②, open the rotary control valve to filter the return pipe and the rotary motor repair tubing. The oil inlet pipe, remove the hydraulic pump. ④, open the pilot system return oil pipe. The main pump, motor, open the vent pipe. Thoroughly clean the pipe. Steel pipe for diesel cleaning two times, two times the hose is cleaned with a cleaning fluid, then blow dry with compressed air, flush withnew oil. The joint with a nylon plug, cover by, or for the net plastic cloth wrapped, to prevent dust, moisture into the pollution system.
Filter 6, remove all filter system. The replacement of the filter element, to carefully check on whether the metal powder or other impurities, so we can understand the wear of components in the system.
7, let go of the old oil the main hydraulic pump, rotary motor, walking motor cavity, and fill the new oil.
8, install the tubing was removed. Install the tubing, must re cleaning pipe joints, and with a clean, no fabric with cotton towel wipe pipe joints, such as fiber. Install the screw thread joint shall be used for sealing tape, paste should be the direction of rotation and thread instead. Should be connected in order, according to the prescribed torqueare installed and the pipe joint.
9, from the gas inlet filling tank. The fuel filter is installed, and then open the new oil barrels, with oil filter will new oilinjection of the fuel tank, the upper limit of oil is added to the oil standard so far, cover the gas cap.
10, the replacement of old oil the following action in the loop. The loop before oil, machine shall be in the bucket cylinder rod is fully extended, the bucket rod cylinder fully retracted and bucket placed freely on the ground of the three conditions.
The pilot control system circuit. Open the control oil pipe joint left, right running motor parking brake, the selectedvalve is in place, used to start the motor to drive the engine idling a few laps, and thus the old oil supply road pilot system of discharge, then clean the pipe joint, then the connection is good; start the engine, idle for 5 min, thenloosen the pilot control valve on the pipe joints, and operation of the movement back and forth, until new oildischarge date, then clean the pipe joint and connection.
The moving arm loop. The bucket on the ground, pulling the handle back and forth several times, open the movingoil pipe joint arm cylinder rodless cavity, let go of the old oil hydraulic cylinder rodless cavity in the operation, and then the arm to handle, lifting direction slowly pulling the handle to be discharged, joint new oil, then wash pipe jointand connected; unclip pneumatic pipe joint arm cylinder rod chamber, operation arm of the handle, the handle to thelanding direction slowly, until the oil until oil discharge; operation arm of the handle, the lifting direction slowly pull the handle, to discharge the old oil pole cavity, cleaning pipe joint and connection; operating arm. The rise, fall several times, to discharge air in the system.
The bucket loop. Loosen the bucket cylinder with tubing, rod cavity of the handle to the bucket, two direction slowlypull the handle, the pipe joint discharge oil so far