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Analysis on the fault of hydraulic loader

The loader is a widely used in earthwork construction machinery of highway, railway, construction, utilities, ports,mines and other construction projects, it is mainly used to shovel of soil, sand, lime, coal and other bulk materials,can also be used as a mild shovel of ore, hard soil digging.

When the loading machine malfunction or abnormal situation, should first stop, then analysis and preliminary judgefault according to the fault feature, do not force in operation, otherwise the fault will work with the time extension andexpansion. The reason of the failure is caused by many factors, the operation environment, manufacturing,maintenance etc.. Some failures are mutual influence, for example, lack of diesel engine cooling fluid, not only makes the diesel engine water temperature and oil temperature anomaly increases, it will also affect the dual variable temperature. Therefore, to find out the real causes failure after an antidote against the disease, eliminate.

The fault inspection and judgement should as far as possible the theoretical knowledge and practical experience are combined, using visual, touch, hearing, smell, testing and other comprehensive manner. As all the readings:Observation of changes, the connecting parts, the combination of leakage sealing surface, the oil and water have no abnormal phenomenon and diesel engine exhaust smoke. Touch: hands feeling check all parts of the surface temperature, connection and vibration. Listen: according to the hearing to determine sound and the change of theworking element sends to determine the abnormal sound position. Smell: sniff feel each parts and each oil abnormal odor. Test: when conditions permit can be tested according to the requirements, fault immediately find out the causeof not, under the premise of ensuring safety, can be appropriate travel or work to observe, analyze the cause of the fault. Through the above methods have a preliminary judgment of fault, to do the demolition of the formerpreparation, in strict accordance with the sequence of demolition, in the demolition process, the use of units and the driver should be used carefully observe the parts, and order. To further confirm the fault reason, fault zone shouldprotect the original signs and record, after the fault cause can be used only for the repair. Only fully understand theworking principle, performance, and continuous learning and the accumulation of experience, find out the reason of fast and accurate to.