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Operation key points and matters needing attention of mixer

Also known as the mixing machine, mixer, with a blade shaft in the slot or cylinder rotation, all kinds of raw materialsmixing, becomes a mixture or the appropriate viscosity machine. Due to some different mixer in the operation and other equipment, so not all of them will operate mixer, if you do not understand the people, blind operation, may cause serious consequences. Therefore, in the operation of biaxial mixer should pay attention to the following points:

1, the mixer before opening, the mixing drum operating handle on the "stop" position.

2, after the start, should make the mixing cylinder at low speed rotation of 10 minutes, the hydraulic oil temperature is above 20 ℃ before working. 3, open park, charging should be before the mixing tube inversion, the water and waste discharge, to ensure the quality of concrete. 4, in the transport of concrete, to ensure that the sliding bucketplaced firmly, prevent loosening caused to swing. 5, in the shipment ready mixed concrete, the mixing drum speed of 2-10 rpm.

6, the car is equipped with concrete, the dead time in the field shall not exceed 1 hours, such as overtime shouldimmediately ask the person in charge on site timely treatment.

7, transporting concrete shall not be less than 8cm collapse, discharged from the concrete into the tank, the high temperature shall not exceed 2 hours must be discharged, rainy weather when the temperature is low, not exceeding 2.5 hours.

8, in the discharge before the concrete mixing drum, should be in 10-12 RPM speed running for 1 minutes, and thendischarge. 9, concrete material is completed, should immediately with a hose drain with the vehicle will feed port, a discharge hopper and the discharging chute and other parts to rinse, drain the bond in the body all dirt and residualconcrete, and then to the mixing cylinder injection of 150-200L in the water, on the way back to the mixing drum to rotate slowly, to clean the wall to avoid residual slag, attached to the tube wall and the stirring blade, and againbefore the water off loading.

10, to transport concrete, the engine speed at 1000-1400 rpm range, the engine maximum torque, in the transportprocess of concrete, the speed of the vehicle should not exceed 40km/h, to ensure driving safety.

11, after the work is finished, the stirring barrel and body wash, can not make the concrete in the tube remaining within the. 12, mixer in the pump work, to ban idling, continuous use of not more than 15 minutes.

13, water in the water tank to maintain full, for a rainy day, the winter shutdown, should be a water tank, pump, pipes,inside the mixing drum of water over the net, and park in Chaoyang, no ponding place, avoid freezing machine.

14, in the winter should be installed insulating sleeve, and the use of antifreeze to protect mixer, replacing fuelaccording to the weather changes, to ensure the normal use of machinery.

15, does not work, repair mixer, hydraulic transmission part in the examination, should enable the engine andhydraulic pump under the condition of no pressure.

16, in the adjustment of the gap, travel, concrete pressure, should be full-time security officer check consent;replacement parts, must be made by the secretary or manager to sign, otherwise the problems after pursue the relevant personnel responsible.