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Methods of maintenance and care roller mechanical transmissi

Engineering machinery is essential for field operation, climate conditions, geographical environment, which will cause the work device and a walking mechanism of serious wear and tear, which put forward higher requirements on thelubrication of mechanical work. Especially the lubrication and maintenance of transmission system requires high. Today, with everyone analysis methods to maintain a road roller of mechanical transmission system, in need of friends may wish to learn about. The mechanical transmission system in road roller comprises a transfer case, gearbox, drive axle, wheel vibrationreducer, excitation mechanism, and the side transmission gear mechanical transmission roller use and driving chain,they need to use the gear oil. The transmission mechanism of closed lubrication, should always check the oil leveland add lubricating oil, and regular cleaning and replacement of lubricating oil. Put oil and gas in the inspection,when, should follow the principles below: (1) to check the oil level is not rotating in the transmission part of the state, to avoid the oil spills and oil level detection is not accurate. (2) oil before discharge, should first use roller heating oil, so oil outflow, the impurities in the box more easily mixed with oil discharged. (3) roller oil should be stopped out engine. When the need to work in the car, must be front and rear wheel chock wooden block. (4) check the oil level and oil, road roller should be placed horizontally. (5) remove the oil plug before, should first wash the dirt on the surface of the outer surface and the surrounding.Before the heavy oil plug, should be clean, to avoid the oil pollution.