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AL956 wheel loader standard specifications
1,Mean features
1.Heavy duty,powerful;
2.Hangzhou Advance gearbox,easier operation,high working efficiency;
3.Pilot controlled,fully hydraulic steering system, easier operation;
4.Bucket can be leveled automatically, optimized working device,higher productivity;
5.Comfortable operation environment,new design cabin,air-conditioner at option;
6.Various working devices of attachment are available,such as log clamp,pipe clampl,grass fork,plow,ore bucket,loose bucket,fork meet different need. 

2,Technical Parameters
Specification     AL950E
Rated capacity 3.0m³
Rated   weight 5000kg
Operating weight  17000kg
Performance of bucket being set level  Yes
Max. breakout force 173KN
Total of three time:lifting dumping lowering 11.3s
Max.dump height 3160mm
Max.dump reach 1200mm
Wheel base 3260mm
Tread 2250mm
Overall dimensions (length*width*height) 8450*3024*3382mm
Pattern  Turbocharger, vertical, water-cooled, 4-stroke, direct injection
Max.torque 860N.m
Rated power 162KW
Specified rotational speed 2200r/min
Transmission  ZL50
Model of torque device Combined with the gearbox
Pattern  single stage two phase four components
Pattern of gearboxes Planetary-structure
Number of great shift 2 forward,1 reverse speed 40km/h
Main reducer type  Spiral bevel gear first reduction
Pattern of wheelside moderation  Single stage planetary
Type size 23.5-25
Steering angle(each direction) 35°±1
Brake system Air assisted oil disc on four wheel
Parking  brake Soft control , disc type
Pressure of working hydraulic system 18Mpa